Developer, musician. JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, matrix-based hexadecimal sequence editors, coffee. Can you believe I'm entirely out of cereal? The one facet of adult life I can never entirely get the hang of is groceries. How much, what to buy, when to buy it. It's a deceptively complex problem that's only further compounded by the fact that no one likes to eat the same thing every day. Sure, I could have a 'static' list of groceries that I buy every week, but then what happens? Kale goes bad, yogurt congeals in a dark corner of the fridge, entire landscapes of beefery slowly rot into piles of shame. Hell, right now I just remembered that I made soup 3 days ago. What's the shelf life of soup? Three days? Fuck.

yo this site is based on a sweet-ass tut by CODROPS, uses the delicious Genericons, and of course WordPress.


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Languages I use:

Every day: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, SQL
Very Frequently: Rails, Python
Sometimes: Java
Never: .NET

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I'm currently contributing to the WordPress Codex, and give forum support whenever I have the time.


I'm a developer at Maintainn, an excellent WordPress support and maintenance company. I occasionally write on the company blog.

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Needs more salt.

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I write on a variety of topics. Mostly code, though. Projects are also located here.

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I will go there one day. Just you watch.