Hi, I'm Rami Abraham.

I'm a developer and musician. I love building things with Javascript, PHP, WordPress, Buzztracker, Adobe Software, Alesis and Korg keyboards, Coda 2, Sublime Text 2, Vagrant, Git, MAMP Pro, and Coffee.

This site is based on a sweet tut by CODROPS, uses the delicious Genericons, and of course WordPress.


things_I_do() {

Languages I use:

Every day: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, SQL
Very Frequently: Rails, Python
Sometimes: Java
Never: .NET

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WP Site Care

I'm lucky to be a developer at Maintainn, one of the leading WordPress support and maintenance companies.

My WordPress Profile

I'm currently contributing to the WordPress Codex, and trying to give forum support whenever I have the time.

My Github Profile

Needs more salt.

My blog

I write on a variety of topics. Mostly code, though.